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Server monitoring is most critical part of server performance. A better server can give better speed. But you have to monitor it on regular basis. You can use server performance monitoring software for that. If you search on the internet you will get tons of server monitoring tools which you can use. But here we have a list of top 5 server performance monitoring tools which you can download and maintain your server performance.


Best server performance monitoring tools


Motadata is the best server monitoring tools you can use to monitor your server performance. Motadata server performance monitoring tool can deliver indepth details of all critical server performance parameters like hard disk capacity, CPU utilization, memory utilization and bandwidth utilization from an intuitive web console. Most important part of this software is you can download for free for 30th-day trial and you want to purchase you can purchase it.

Simple Server Monitor

It's another software for quantifying downtime or the uptime of one's own website at percent. You're going to get a note in case your waiter starts unresponsive or penalizing. You may assess the operation of host such as every collapse or declines instantaneous.


It's a site which gives you the capability to look at your site availability. This site makes certain no dilemma that is deducted stay awake you through SMS or Mail and tracks your waiter every moment.

Dotcom Monitor
It's a tool which guarantees up time and the operation of one's own website. It supplies an investigation powerful and economically. It attracts the operation of one's website through escalation, notification, reporting and investigation.
It's a IT infrastructure tracking system which leaves a picture of one's surgeries system that is full. It's selection of network descriptions and services, applications, operating systems and system protocols. It's possible to obtain e mail sends to a IT team a Immediate alerts. They diagnose and permit you to know and hire.


server performance monitoring tools


server performance monitoring tools